New Microsoft Ad: PC Buyers are Picky

Microsoft rolled out its second ad featuring "average" shoppers looking for the right PC. Like the "Lauren" ad, the new commercial sends a shopper into stores, and when he finds just the right PC, Microsoft pays for it.

The latest commercial features Giampaolo, a self proclaimed tech-savvy shopper, reinforces Lauren's claims that Macs cost too much, and Giampaolo adds that Macs are sexy, but he doesn't want to pay for a brand. Instead, he chooses an HP laptop -- apparently a brand he is willing to pay for -- that costs about US$1,100.

After looking at several computers, Giampaolo also tells viewers that he chose the PC laptop because he's picky.

Neither the Lauren ad, nor the Giampaolo ad, ever make any mention of Microsoft Windows, or any other Microsoft products, which means we can probably expect to see two common themes in the company's commercial series: Tell people Macs cost too much, and don't mention Windows.