NFL Now for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Arrives in Time for Kick Off

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The National Football League's NFL Now app for the iPhone and iPad rolled out on Thursday with the promise of plenty of free content, and even more for viewers who pay for a US$1.99 a month subscription. NFL Now also showed up as a new Apple TV channel where you can see the same content that's available in the iPhone and iPad app.

NFL Now comes to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TVNFL Now comes to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

The NFL is promising over 100 hours of original content each week, plus more content from each team during the football season. What you won't get, however, are game broadcasts. For that, you'll still have to turn to the NFL's TV network partners.

The iPhone and iPad app is free, and there will be content for viewers that don't want to pay anything extra. The optional $1.99 a month subscription gets viewers more content, plus instant instead of delayed in-game highlights, plus customizable streams based on favorite teams or players.

NFL Now is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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The lack of game broadcasts will no doubt be a disappointment for some football fans, but it sounds like there will still be plenty of interesting content available. Still, until pro sports franchises find a way to deliver their content outside of the traditional TV networks, sports fans won't be able to drop their cable subscriptions.

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