Noting Jury Risk, Judge Urges Apple & Samsung to Talk

Judge Lucy Koh used her bully pulpit to once again urge the CEOs of Apple and Samsung to sit down and work out a settlement in their epic patent infringement battle. In making the recommendation to attorneys for both companies, Judge Koh pointed out that both sides face risk if the case gets sent to a jury.

Settlement Talks

Wednesday’s suggestion was just that, a suggestion. In April, however, Judge Koh all but ordered the leaders of both companies to talk about a settlement. Though both companies agreed, those talks ultimately went nowhere, leaving the trial to proceed.

Apple wrapped up its evidence earlier this week, and Samsung began its phase of the trial. As the two sides get closer to seeing the case sent to the nine-member jury, the reality is that nine (theoretically) ordinary folks with no special training in the world of patents will decide who did what to whom and how much it was worth.

Judge Koh told attorneys for the two companies that she, “sees risks here for both sides.” The Wall Street Journal reported that she also said both companies had already accomplished at least some of their goals by making their cases to the public and raising awareness of their various bits of intellectual property.

“In many respects, [it is] mission accomplished and it is time for peace,” she told the attorneys.

The lawyers told the judge that both CEOs would try and talk things out (again), but The Mac Observer would not encourage anyone to hold their breath waiting for those talks to change anything.

Seriously, we simply can’t be responsible for accidental asphyxiation.