nova media Updates FoneLink to Version 1.1

nova media announced on Thursday that their mobile phone synchronization and backup tool, FoneLink, has been updated to version 1.1. The improvements include the ability to synchronize one or more iTunes playlists with a Nokia, Sony Ericcson, and some Motorola mobile phones.

"Other changes reflect the support of AAC and MP3 tags, the ability to choose which data should be backed up by default and improvements in the GUI and overall performance. FoneLink 1.1 supports many additional phones of Nokia and Sony Ericsson as well," according to nova media.

While iTunes is designed to synchronize music and photos with the Apple iPhone, FoneLink is designed to provide the corresponding functionality with other smartphones that can play music and display photos. Since the capabilities of each phone are well documented, FoneLink can automatically adjust the parameters of music and photos to take into account the capabilities of each phone. In addition, iTunes music that is not copy protected can be dragged and dropped into the FoneLink Media Center, and later synchronized to the useris mobile phone.

FoneLink respects the DRM on music the user may have purchased over the air and placed on the mobile phone. In that case, music is simply backed up and can be restored should the user lose the mobile phone.

While a wide range of mobile phones are supported, those that use a standard protocol for moving data, the support for Motorola phones is more limited, Jan Fullemann told iPO. nova media is working with Motorola to provide support for the RAZR later in 2007.

nova media is also working on support for the iPhone in that non-DRMid music, purchased on a mobile phone can be brought into iTunes and subsequently synced with the iPhone. However, no specific date for this feature was provided.

FoneLink 1.1 is a free update. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and is priced at ?25.17.