NYC Police Hand Out Flyers Asking iPhone Owners to Upgrade to iOS 7

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Police in New York City are asking "Apple users" to upgrade to iOS 7, and they're going so far as to hand out flyers to encourage you to do so. The effort is part of the NYPD's Operation Identification Program, which is part of the city's larger effort to reduce iPhone-related crime.

Michael Hoffman tweeted over the weekend that police had approached him asking him to upgrade to iOS 7, and he included a photograph of the flyer they were handing out. That tweet:

The flyer is interesting to some of us in the echo chamber because it uses a grey scale version of the Apple's long-discontinued six-colored logo. Much has been made of that and other issues like the use of "Apple users" and some of the other verbiage.


Ignore all that. This isn't a slick brochure produced by marketing professionals—let alone Apple. The real import of the flyer is that the NYPD takes seriously the threat of iPhone thefts in the city and recognizes that threat as significant enough to have its own police officers get the word out to iPhone and iPad owners to upgrade as soon as possible.

The flyer makes the point that iOS 7 is free, and that a stolen iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running the new OS can't be reset without the Apple ID account and password of the owner. That's a theft-deterrent mechanism, which is important to NYC because the city has seen an explosion of Apple device-related thefts.

In December of 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office said that crime in the city would be down if it weren't for those thefts.

"If you just took away the jump in Apple, we'd be down for the year," Mayor Press secretary Marc La Vorgna said at the time.

Hence we have cops on the street encouraging people to update. It's good advice, too. iOS 7 is great, but make sure you disable Control Center on the Lock Screen if you do. There's a bypass in iOS 7 and 7.0.1 that allows unauthorized access to your camera and limited access to Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, iCloud, and SMS.

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Oh, wow! I just turned on my iPad mini to “disable Control Center on the Lock Screen,” and it’s going from the white apple on black to the long-in screen, and the back to the white apple, every couple of seconds. There’s a chime in between too.  Also, it’s showing a 70% battery charge.

The log-in screen is not on long enough for me to log in. I’ve tried holding down the power button to shut it off, but no dice. I’ve hooked up to my Mac, and iTunes can see it, but it’s saying;
“iTunes could not back up the iPad “Jack’s iPad” because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPad before it can be backed up.”

Am I screwed?

Bryan Chaffin

Did you try holding the power button and the home button together? That should force a shutdown.  GL, iJack!


I did that. Now iTunes is telling me something about ‘recovery mode’ and I’m going to loose my files.

Lee Dronick

Jack, I hope that it works out for the best.


I’ve reinstalled iOS 7 twice after Apple Express support (I think it’s a robot) assured me that I would be able to restore all my files, but nothing has changed. Still blinking back and forth between the Apple logo and the login screen.


Holding the power button and the home button together didn’t force a shutdown, but brought up a screen with the iTunes logo and a Lightning cable. So I connected to iTunes to reinstall iOS 7, which it appeared to do, but when I got to “Restore Backup,” the messages was something about turning off a setting in iCloud on the iPad, which of course I cannot connect to!

Catch 22.


3-1/2 hours on the phone with Apple support!

Waiting for a call-back, but I think they’re going to send me to my local Apple Store for a replacement.  We’ve tried everything, so they think it’s a hardware failure.  I’m kind of surprised, because I thought I had only a 90-day coverage (is it longer?), and it’s been four months since I got it.

This time, getting me some Applecare.

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