O2: No iPhone Video Calls

A price listing on the U.K. cell service provider O2's Web site showing fees for iPhone video calls was actually an error, according to company representatives. The listing appeared over the weekend, and led to speculation that the next generation iPhone would include a front facing camera for video phone calls.

"The iPhone section of our Web site states video calling is charged at the same price as voice calls," an O2 spokesperson told The Mac Observer. "We can confirm that this was listed in error. We will be amending our website shortly to clarify this."

O2's Web site lists iPhone contract tariffs along with fees for out of contract services such as monthly minute overages and extra data usage. The fee list also included an entry for "UK video calls," which caught the eye of many iPhone owners hoping for video call support in the next generation model.

Since O2 confirmed that the price listing was just a mistake, it looks like iPhone owners wanting video call support won't likely get what they want when Apple next updates its combination iPod and smartphone.