Omni Group Ramps Up for OmniOutliner for iPad

SAN FRANCISCO — The Omni Group, well known for its popular Mac OS X applications like OmniFocus and OmniGraffle, has moved into the iPad app space and is hard at work on releasing an iOS version of OmniOutliner. The app will include many of the same outlining features as the Mac OS X version, and will support sharing outliner files with the Mac.

OmniOutliner for the iPad is in early development stages now, but the company expects it will be able to start its own beta testing soon.

Macworld Expo attendees check out Omni Group apps

Like OmniOutliner for the Mac, the iPad version will support outline formatting, attaching URLs and files to outlines, parent and child relationships for outline entries, and columns. It also supports applying special formatting to cells for dates, currency and more.

“We’re working on some interesting interface ideas for the iPad version of OmniOutliner,” company CEO Ken Case told TMO. “We’re learning some great things that will find their way back to Mac versions of our applications, too.”

The Omni Group has already released OmniFocus, OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketch versions for the iPad, and so far those apps are proving to be popular sellers.

Mr. Case didn’t say exactly when he expects OmniOutliner for the iPad to be released. “We plan on doing a lot of work with our beta testers before we’re ready to ship,” he said.

The company was offering some teasers about what’s in store at its Macworld Expo booth, and based on attendee feedback, interest in OmniOutliner for the iPad is high.