OOTP Reveals More About Out of the Park Baseball for iPhone

OOTP Developments this week revealed more information about the upcoming iOS version of its Out of the Park Baseball sim, which runs on Mac, PC, and Linux. iOOTP is due to hit the iOS App Store next month with a US$4.99 price point and three game modes to choose from: Major Leagues, which lets players guide a Major League Baseball team through the 2011 season; Fictional, which populates the leagues with fictional players; and Historical, which lets players revisit past MLB seasons (three are included: 1923, 1965, and 2004).

iOOTP promises most of the same features found in OOTP, including a financial system, plenty of managerial options, a play-by-play commentary during games, and more. All the real Major League Baseball teams and players are included, although official logos and player photos aren’t.

OOTP also noted that pre-orders are continuing for Out of the Park Baseball 12, which is also due next month. Pricing is $29.99, a $10 savings off the shipping price.