OS X: Adding the “Social” Choice to Notification Center

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Did you know that you can add a widget to Notification Center on the Mac that’ll let you post to social networks or send messages right from wherever you are? You can, and it rocks! To check it out, start by opening Notification Center, which you’ll do by clicking on the three-lined icon at the upper-right corner of your screen.

Once you see that panel slide out, click the “Edit” button at the very bottom.

Then click the plus button next to “Social” to add it to your Notification Center list.

Forever after, you can tweet, post to Facebook or LinkedIn, or send messages by opening the Notification Center panel and then clicking the icon for the service you want to use. 

If you’re like me and only use a couple of those, though, you can also remove the unneeded buttons. Just hover over the “Social” section within Notification Center, click the “i” that’ll appear, and deselect anything you don’t want.

Then everything will be clean and neat!

I find this to be just swell. Sending out a quick tweet or message with only a click or two? Love. It.

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Melissa, thanks for the tip. The trouble I have with the Today section of Notification Center is that there isn’t enough room to display all these items there. The date takes up WAY TOO MUCH ROOM, and so does weather and calendar. If you have any stocks listed, that takes up more space and one cannot scroll up and down. IMO, this needs some serious re-engineering by Apple. Probably with more panes.

Jeff Treegarden

Almost everything takes up too much space in Notification Center, and the space is too small. I don’t see it as an improvement over Dashboard, really.

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