OS X Mavericks: It's Really on the Map... In California

Apple dropped its cat-themed names for OS X with the introduction of OS X 10.9 on Monday and is now naming its operating systems after locations in California. OS X 10.9 is Mavericks, which isn't as high profile as other California spots such as San Francisco, or maybe the Golden Gate Bridge. So where exactly is Mavericks?

Mavericks is a popular surfing spot near Half Moon Bay in CaliforniaMavericks is a popular surfing spot near Half Moon Bay in California

Mavericks is a popular big wave surfing spot near Half Moon Bay, which is south of San Francisco. There isn't a physical landmark to make it easy to spot since it's off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean where an underwater rock formation causes waves over 25 feet high to form after big storms. The location, off Pillar Point, is also home to an annual winter surfing contest with some big money prizes, which seems appropriate considering the size of the waves.

OS X Mavericks, on the other hand, doesn't come with any risk to life or limb for exciting thrills. The new version of the Mac operating system is due out this fall with a long list of improvements and enhancements.

Mavericks was named after a surfer's dog that tagged along on a surfing outing, so in a manner of speaking, Apple names its new operating system after a dog.