OS X Mavericks: Using Contacts and Smart Paste

Before Mavericks, if you pasted a copied address into a contact’s card, here’s what would happen:

Words cannot express how frustrated I was by the pasted address getting all mushed up on one line like that. How annoying to have to delete the city, state, and zip (or what have you) and then retype them into their proper fields. Lucky for me and my blood pressure, though, it’s been fixed! Here’s what happens if you paste an address into your Contacts program under Mavericks:

So if you’ve gotten used to copying each item separately to get around what used to happen, do that extra work no more. And by the way, Apple’s calling this “Smart Paste.” I call it “Another Tiny Reason Why My Sanity Remains Intact Today.” Goodness knows I can use all the help I can get in that regard.