OS X: Pasting Text into Emails, Much Faster

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So if you’ve gotta copy some text on your Mac and paste it into a new email, how do you typically do that? I’d say that most people select the text, press the keyboard shortcut for Copy (Command-C), go to Mail, open a new message, move their cursor to the body, and then press the shortcut for Paste (Command-V). There’s a way that’s just so much faster that I love it to bits, and I think you’ll like it too.

What you’ll do is select the text you’d like to email (or send through Messages, or tweet about, or add to Notes, etc.) and then right- or Control-click on it. When you do so, a contextual menu will appear, and one of the available options is “Share.” If you hover over that, you’ll see your choices.

Pick “Mail,” and the text you selected will be inserted right into the body of an email, ready for you to pass it along. That sure does make things faster! And if you select “Messages” or a few of the other options, you’ll instead get a little box overlay for you to compose and edit as you see fit.

This works in quite a few places around the operating system, including Safari and Mail, so if you need to forward only a bit of a message to someone else, for example, you can do so. That’s awesome. I just love step-skipping!

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“Wubba lubba dub dub!” :D

Melissa Holt

What? It’s just nonsense, right? wink


Or for yet an easier faster way: Merely select your text or Command-A the whole thing and simply drag n drop into body of email, voila! Faster and easier.


Cool - thanks Melissa! I love step-skipping too and you just taught me a new one!


Or, eliminating another 2 steps from Holt’s ‘suggestion’; merely drag-n-drop text on the MAIL icon and it will open up a new email and paste the text in the body all in one step. No right-click; no select from menu.


CudaBoy; Drag-n-drop might work for Mac Mail, but not necessarily for 3rd party mail clients. (i.e. AirMail3).  However, the share method works if your client is selected for share in the settings app.

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