Mountain Lion: Change Your Twitter Pic with Photo Booth

Twitter integration is everywhere in Mountain Lion. For example, you can tweet right from Notification Center or share links from Safari with just a couple of clicks.

One neat feature that I like a lot, though, is how you can switch out your Twitter profile image right from Photo Booth. To do so, first go to System Preferences > Mail, Contacts & Calendars to set up your Twitter account. It’s easy to do, but you can follow along with TMO’s Jeff Gamet through his handy how-to if you’d like. Also, after your Twitter account is configured, you should walk through your available options for it in System Preferences > Notifications to decide how you want to be informed when you get mentions or direct messages.

OK, so you’re ready! Now open Photo Booth and take a pretty picture if you’re capable of doing so. Or be like me and stick out your tongue and put your fingers up your nose. Then select your winning photo, click on the small arrow on the right side of the window, and choose Change Twitter Profile Picture

That’s it! You’ll hear a friendly little bird sound, and your task is complete. While you’re there, though, make sure you note some of the other new fancy Mountain Lion options, such as sharing to Flickr or sending an image through AirDrop.

This is really useful for all of your photo-sharing needs, especially if you spend a large portion of your working hours just making silly faces into your Mac’s camera and then sending the pictures to your friends. 

It’s possible that I need a real job.