Pages: Adding and Formatting Links within Text

In the latest version of Pages, it’s incredibly simple to format webpage and email links to look professional and attractive. Assuming your readers will be perusing your document onscreen (as opposed to printing it out), this’ll result in a nicer-looking final product.

See that? That’s ugly. Let’s not do that. 

So here’s what you can do instead to clean things up. First, select the text you want to add the link to. 

Next, either press the keyboard shortcut Command-K or choose Format> Add Link

When you do that, a small dialog box will pop up, asking you where you’d like the link to go. If you want it to open a webpage, then you’ll type that info in.

If you’d rather link to an email address instead, switch the drop-down menu at the top to “Email,” and then type in the data.

As you’ll note, you can also define a default subject for the emails if you wanna.

Anyhow, after you’re finished getting your email or webpage link all set up, your text will look way more impressive. 

Here’s another really neat aspect of this. If you end up exporting the document to PDF or to Word format (File> Export To), those programs respect the fancy links you’ve created. So this is a really easy way to create PDFs with clickable links to send to others.

Let’s just pretend that you can tell this is a PDF, OK?


Oh, and one more thing—if you’re still using the old version of Pages (’09), this process isn’t much more complicated, but it is different. You’ll select some text, click on the Link Inspector, and then choose “Enable as a hyperlink” and fill in the appropriate information.

Pretty cool! I really enjoy putting things into order and cleaning them up. Well, not out in the real world, but on my computer, at least.