Pangea Software's iPhone & iPad Games Free for a Day

FreeIf you like games on your iPhone and iPad, this is your lucky day. It's literally your lucky day because Pangea Software has made every game it offers free for just one day. The company said that it was a thank you to customers.

“iOS and the App Store are the best thing to come along in video games in 25 years,” Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software, said in a statement. “We’ve been very fortunate to have been a part of this new industry, so to say ‘Thank You’ to all of our awesome customers we’re hosting one of the biggest giveaways the App Store has ever seen.”

It's all of the company's games, including the company's newest game, Air Wings Intergalactic, Enigmo 2, Monkey Bongo, Nucleus, Air Wings, Bugdom 2, Antimatter, Nanosaur 2, and more. Note that as of this writing, Warheads and Quarters are still listed with a price, but the rest of the company's games are all showing up as free.

You can find the Pangea's games listed on this handy-dandy page.

"Free" image courtesy of Shutterstock.