Parallels Announces Desktop 10 for the Mac with Yosemite Support

Parallels has continued to make significant improvements to its virtual machine software for the Mac, Parallels Desktop, that allows a Mac to run just about any other OS, especially Windows and Linux concurrently. This year is no different, and the list of enhancements in this Yosemite compatible, version 10 is impressive.

PD 10 has a greatly improved virtual machine list window.

Today, Parallels said:

Parallels today launched Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac and Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Enterprise Edition, the industry-leading software for running Windows applications on Macs. New built-in intelligence and support for Apple’s latest operating systems — including OS X Yosemite — greatly improves ease-of-use for both business users and consumers, allowing them to forget about the operating system and focus on the task at hand. Starting August 20th, current users can upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac for US$49.99. For new customers, Parallels Desktop 10 will be available for purchase at retail and online stores worldwide and via the Parallels website starting August 26th for $79.99.

Parallels Desktop 10 for the Mac has some notable new features and enhancements. Special attention has been paid to MacBook owners who, as they've switched from hard disks to Flash storage, have found themselves often with less storage than they've been accustomed to.

  • Users can now open Windows documents up to 48 percent faster.
  • Battery life is extended by up to 30 percent giving people additional work time when they need it most.
  • Virtual machines use up to 10 percent less Mac memory.
  • New virtual machines with default settings launch Office 2013 applications up to 50 percent faster.
  • Virtual machine only takes as much disk space on the Mac hard drive as it needs. Real-time optimization automatically compacts virtual disk eliminating the need for periodic manual compacts.
  • Free Disk Space Wizard allows users to review and clean up space used by Parallels Desktop and Virtual Machines.

This version, while compatible with OS X Yosemite, is also backwards compatible with OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion. A few features are Yosemite only. For more information, see the Parallels Desktop 10 page.

A full TMO review is coming soon.