Pegatron Set to Ship Apple 10M iPhone 5 Units

Apple will apparently begin taking iPhone 5 shipments iPhone 5 from Pegatron in September, and the supplier is set to deliver some 10 million units as part of its production deal, according to a DigiTimes report. Anonymous industry sources leaked the information that adds support to rumors of a September or October release window, but doesn’t offer actual confirmation.

So far, news of Apple’s iPhone 4 replacement has consisted of little more than rumors and speculation. When Apple didn’t release a new iPhone model during the late June to early July window that it typically has used, word began circulating that a summer launch was in the works, then September and most recently, October.

More iPhone 5 rumors!Apple may have ordered 10 million iPhone 5s from Pegatron

Reports that the next iPhone will offer only incremental changes compared to the current model have been making the rounds, although that isn’t stopping Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu from suggesting Apple has a big upgrade in store.

“In addition to a dual- core processor that we have talked about before, our supply chain sources indicate that it will sport a slightly larger display than the current 3.5-inch retina display that is already industry leading,” Mr. Wu said, although it won’t include LTE network support because of limited coverage and poor battery life.

Since Apple doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation, the company isn’t confirming or denying any of the iPhone 5 reports that have surfaced so far. Assuming any of the rumors are right, however, there’s a chance new iPhone models could hit store shelves ahead of the holiday buying season.