Phil Schiller: Apple’s “Holiday Lineup Is Set”

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Phil SchillerIn case you were holding out for one more thing, Apple vice president of worldwide marketing told Gizmodo that the company's "holiday lineup is set." That means there will not be any more product updates or introductions before Christmas, or more likely, sometime in 2010, which itself means customers don't need to put off those holiday purchases any longer.

The comment came during a briefing last week on the recently announced iMac and MacBook updates, but Gizmodo ran the quote today for those still holding out for some kind of big announcement still to come.

In recent weeks, Apple has launched Snow Leopard, introduced new iPods, updated the iMac, updated the MacBook, and introduced the new Magic Mouse (the Magic Mouse is still awaiting the 10.6.2 update for its availability as a standalone purchase).


Bryan Chaffin

For a company as secretive about its plans as Apple, it’s smart to not play coy with potential holiday sales.


OK that guarantee’s that there will be a new iPad next week


He was talking about hardware.

He didn’t however discuss software…..

Bryan Chaffin

True, Tiger, but “holiday lineup” is fairly inclusive. I doubt we get another major announcement this year.

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