Phil Schiller Gets Official on Twitter

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, has been on Twitter for some time, but until just recently his account wasn’t verified as official. Now it is, which means Scott Forstall isn’t the only Apple executive with a public Twitter profile.

Mr. Schiller tweets occasionally, which is substantially more than Mr. Forestall. So far, Mr. Forestall hasn’t posted any Twitter messages, but Mr. Schiller tweeted as recently as November 22.

Phil Schiller on Twitter

Along with his Twitter presence, Mr. Schiller is also using the Instagram photo sharing service, which can post photo links to Twitter.

The tweets Mr. Schiller is sharing don’t offer any hints into what Apple is working on next, although he does occasionally mention the company.

Despite his lack of insider tips, Mr. Schiller is gaining new followers quickly. He jumped from about 800 followers on Monday to up over 8,500 by Tuesday morning.

[Thanks to 9 to 5 Mac for the heads up.]