Pimping a Mac mini

The thrill of a new computer, unpacking it and setting it up is well known to technologists. However, when thatis not an option, itis still possible to get some of that New Computer Smell by engaging in a fix up project, according to William Mize on Monday. Thatis what he did with his Mac mini (with photos).

With an unusual and charming style, Mr. Mize explained how he sought to breathe some new life into his admittedly boring Mac mini with a meager 512 MB of RAM. The project had two parts: getting the memory upgrade and improving its looks. He wrote:

"But it?s white.

It?s safe.

It?s boring.

How the hell do you dress something like that up?


Bow tie?


Sharpie marker graffiti?"

The first stop was Crucial to upgrade the RAM to 2 GB. A handy downloadable utility from Crucial reports exactly the kind of RAM required. US$50 bucks. Half way home. Then Mr. Mize skinned the Mac mini into a nice dark chocolate look.

The result was better, faster computer with a new look. Maybe even some of that plasticky New Car Smell to boot.

That New Look and Feel (Photo Credit: William Mize)