Podcasting How-To Video: Creating a Noise Gate on Your Mac

| Dave Hamilton's Blog

One of the most annoying things for podcasters and their listeners is hearing background noise when someone isn't even talking. This is especially an issue on interview or panel-style shows with multiple people involved. If participants have fans or other noise in the background when they're not talking that can be very distracting... and is avoidable!

A noise gate can easily solve this problem by only allowing sound through when the input volume reaches a certain level – i.e. when someone is talking and only then. My favorite audio swiss army knife for the Mac, Audio Hijack Pro, allows you to implement a noise gate very easily. Follow the simple steps in this video and the next time you're on an interview podcast (or recording one), you'll sound fantastic!

Software required:

  • Audio Hijack Pro (US$32, free for limited 10-minute trial)
  • SoundFlower (free, and control-click on the Installer package and choose "Open" to launch it)

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Eolake Stobblehouse

Cool. Thanks, Dave.

I’ve been using Audio Hijack Pro for years, it’s very useful. For example I’ve used it to rip music which was only available on cassette tape. I just used a double-male cable to send the sound directly into the Mac, and recorded it on Hijack.

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