Podcasting How-To Video: Sending Multiple Audio Sources Over Skype

| Dave Hamilton's Blog

Sometimes when hosting a Skype call – especially for a podcast – you want the other parties on your call to hear not only your voice but perhaps some audio from you, too. Since Skype only allows one audio input at a time, things get a little tricky. Don't worry, it's not too bad, and I'll show you exactly what to do in the video below.

Software required:

  • Skype (free)
  • Audio Hijack Pro (US$32, free for limited 10-minute trial)
  • SoundFlower (free, and control-click on the Installer package and choose "Open" to launch it)

Update: Turns out in some (perhaps many) scenarios this will work, but will result in you not hearing your own audio. If that's the case, this follow-up tip here will solve that for you:

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Paul Shadwell

Good grief!! How many years have I had Audio Hijack Pro and didn’t know you could do that grin
Thanks Dave.

Guy B Serle

Be very careful with AHP and SoundFlower. For whatever reason it can do funky things over time including changing your settings in Audio Midi Setup. We lost a podcast when AMS suddenly decided SF 2ch would be at 44.1KHz and SF 64ch would be at 48 KHz.. Always check AMS before recording to make sure that both are the same. Dave helped me set up SF 2/64 ch so that I had multiple programs over 2 ch to Skype and then using 64 ch to route to individual tracks in GarageBand. After losing the podcast I decided the “convenience” of recording directly into GB wasn’t worth it, so I now take a 2 stage approach. I use AHP to capture my microphone in 1 session and SoundBoard in another both set to SF 2ch both going to Skype as the input. I then use a third session to hijack Skype with SF 64ch and set all three to record. I then also use eCamm’s Call Recorder directly in Skype to record both sides as well. That way if one or the other gets messed up I still have a recording I can use. AHP has some great effects to craft your sound and if it’s the way you want it, you don’t have to use effects in the DAW of your choice. I drop the two (or three if I use the AHP recordings) tracks into GB, match them up, and edit the show as usual.

Guy B Serle

BTW, Dave congrats on show 500! Missed us by “THAT” much (said in my best Don Adams voice)

The Busy Creator

Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to watch later today.

Do you know if there are other ways to do this without Audio Hijack Pro? I’ve been using Call Recorder to record conversations.

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