Printing Multiple Emails at Once in OS X Mail

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Mac Geek Gab listener Andrew writes in with a great tip for printing and archiving multiple emails at once using OS X Mail.

First, go to your preferred inbox in Apple Mail and select all the emails you wish to print or archive. (Hint: use the shift key to select multiple sequential messages or the command key to select non-sequential messages).

Select multiple messages OS X Mail

Once all messages are selected, go to File > Save As and save the document as the default rich text format to the desired location on your hard drive.

Save As feature in Mail

Save Email as Rich Text

Finally, find the file you just created and open it to reveal a rich text file with all of your emails listed one after the other. This file can be printed or archived accordingly.

Emails displayed in Rich Text Document

Thanks, Andrew, for the great tip!

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Maybe I’m missing something, but when I try this, I get only the bodies of the messages, not the headers.

If I save as raw message source, I get too much information: all the long headers.

Is there a way to save just the messages with their short headers: sender, recipient, date, and subject?



It puts in the short headers when I do this. However, it saves them in apparently RANDOM order, not sorted chronologically.

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