Prong PocketPlug Allows iPhone Charging Nearly Anywhere

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — If you’re looking for an iPhone case that can help make sure you’re never stuck without a way to charge your device, the PocketPlug from Prong may be all you need. At Macworld 2014, Lloyd Gladstone, CEO, gave us a summary of the product’s features.

Prong PocketPlug with Standard and Micro-USB Charging

The PocketPlug comes in two versions, one for the iPhone 4/4s, one for the iPhone 5/5s, due to the difference connectors used by the phone. The product offers two ways to charge your phone. One is an integrated wall charger, where you raise the prongs that normally lay flat, and plug the phone and case into a standard wall outlet. In the second way, the case also offers a micro-USB connector, which, on the 4/4s version, allows power and sync, and on the 5/5s model, allow power only. The case also enhances the audio of your iPhone.

PocketPlug is available now: the iPhone 5/5s version is US$69.95, and the iPhone 4/4s version is $59.95. During the show, a $20 discount is being offered.

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