Psychic Says Jobs Coming Back, But Not for Long

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs really is returning from his leave of absence, but he won't be sticking around the company very long, according to Silicon Valley psychic Barbara Courtney. Her mystical insight says that Mr. Jobs will stay with Apple for only about two years, and that his medical problems aren't fully resolved.

Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney contacted the popular psychic to the tech industry to get her take on Mr. Jobs's future with Apple. Along with her prediction that he really is returning, most likely at the end of June just as Apple executives promised, she also said that someone else would surface as part of Mr. Jobs's transition out of the company.

"There's some transition, but that won't be announced for a while. I feel that there's another person that won't surface right away," she said.

If true, that could mean CFO Tim Cook won't land the top spot once Mr. Jobs bows out for good. Mr. Cook has been handling the day-to-day CEO duties in Mr. Jobs's absence, and many have assumed that he was being groomed to take over the company.

Ms. Courtney added that Mr. Jobs's title or role with Apple may change once he returns. "However he returns, I feel he will try to keep his stress lower. He will begin to empower other people to take a more public role," she said.

Whether or not her predictions are accurate remains to be seen, but there is one point that Apple and Ms. Courtney agree on: Steve Jobs is returning to Apple soon. Of course, no one needs a crystal ball, or even a magic eight ball, to predict the return of Steve Jobs.

[Thanks to TMO reader Mace for the heads up]


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Let’s see. He’s about 55, a billionaire, and he has a medical condition which cannot be “cured” and requires lifetime monitoring, intervention and adjustment. Wow. Psychics are just s-o-o special.


Some things should NOT be published.
And comments from a charlatan fall into this category.
Why not interview my cat and ask him what he thinks about Steve? His answers would be worth the same as Barbara’s.


Shame on you for publishing this BS. Seriously, if this is the standard you hold yourselves for how low you will go to fill space and get page hits, I dont need you.

Lee Dronick

“[Thanks to TMO reader Mace for the heads up]”

Headless server found in topless bar!


After carefully diving the meaning of the possum entrails spread haphazardly on a southern road somewhere, I have determined that:

In the future, Steve Jobs will wear… clothing. Sometimes. He will also tear down a house.

In other entrails news, Apple will make an exciting new electronic device.

—The Roadkill BBQ Oracle of Dixie


I agree, this is total B.S.!!! Why even publish this as news or anything for that matter.

decency before narcissism

I can only hope that if you are ever suffering that you’ll be able to avoid the type of folks who would publish this kind of thing.

Pathetic is too kind for you and your psychic. Here’s wishing you find the humanity within yourself to delete this story and spend some time in worthwhile pursuits.


I won’t down MacObserver for publishing this. It would get out there somewhere else anyway. Plus, some people are such big Steve Jobs fans they want to read everything about them that they can. I do hope his health levels off or gets better and does come back to Apple. Maybe he wants to govern Apple from all over instead of in the office anyway.

Lee Dronick

I won?t down MacObserver for publishing this.

I don’t have a problem with it either. Some people enjoy reading such stories and some don’t care about tech stories, to each his own. I never buy a tabloid, but I get a kick out of reading the outrageous headlines when I am waiting in a checkout line.


AAPL is down $2.30 on this news.

Lee Dronick

AAPL is down $2.30 on this news.

Up $3.46 from the opening price this morning.


I agree with everyone else who’s WTFing at this story. TMO is supposed to be a reputable and respectable news source; this is like finding unsubstantiated celebrity gossip in the New York Times.

For the sake of your reputation, delete this story. If someone had said the same thing about Steve Jobs, and when asked about his/her sources or methods, stated “I pulled all of it out of my ass”, I doubt you would publish it (even if it were originally reported by another source). And a psychic, whether a willful con artist or one who believes his/her own lies, is the same thing; they just don’t know or admit it. Don’t give them a soapbox.


I try not to be too critical about TMOs choice of stories. Some are hard news, some are tech related personal stories, some are editorials, and that’s fine. But this time you all blew it. The predictions of a PSYCHIC for cryin’ out loud?!? Worst yet she predicts that he will come back and then sometime down the road leave again. Duh.


If you published this to get ad revenue, then you should realize that many of us NEVER SEE ANY ADS thanks to Firefox and AdBlock Plus.


I’d go with the cat’s predictions.


Shoot, I think you missed a real opportunity here. If you’re going to consult a “Psychic” about Steve Jobs, why not shoot for the moon and ask about The release date of Snow Leopard, the new iPhone, the Apple Netbook, Final Cut Pro 7, or better yet, the next industry shattering product that Apple will introduce to the world.

If you’re going to produce such a speculative, unsubstantiated bit of rumormongering prose, why limit yourself to the mundane?


This article article thanks for sharing with us.


Evden eve nakliyat

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