Psystar Announces Two New Servers with OS X Server Option [UPDATED]

Psystar has announced two new rack-mount servers. The 1U OpenServ 1100 has an Intel Xeon Harpertown CPU (2.5 GHz) Quad core processor in the base configuration and four drive bays. The 2U OpenServ 2400 has six drive bays. OSes supported include Microsoft Server 2003/2008, CentOS, Ubuntu Server, and Mac OS X Leopard Server.

The default configuration for the OpenServ 1100 includes CentOS 5.1 Linux, 4 GB RAM, and one 750 GB 7,200 RPM drive.

OpenServ 1100

The OpenServ 2400 is a 2U configuration to make room for six drive bays that can hold up to 6 TB. Otherwise, the base configuration is the same.

OpenServ 2400

The OpenServ 1100 base configuration is priced at US$1,599 and the 2400 at $1,999.

For an additional US$525, Mac OS X Server with a 10 user license is included. For $1,100 Mac OS X Server with a license for unlimited users is included.

TMO has asked Psystar about the bundling of Mac OS X Server with respect to Appleis licensing terms, but has not received a response as of this writing. Availability was cited as immediate in their online store, and the Psystar Shopping Cart is set up to take orders.

[UPDATE: TMO was contacted by a Psystar representative late on Friday who provided the following information. First, they have no comment about any legal issues with regard to Apple. The spokesperson, however, did say that Psystar has not been contacted by Apple. Next, all the computers are fabricated in Miami, not by a third party. Thatis to insure quality control. Delivery is estimated at 3-7 days and "thousands" of systems have been sold. In terms of the OS X option, Psystar does not modify Mac OS X in any way. They do add some software to the hardware so that Mac OS X can install and run. Finally, if the customer chooses the OS X option, the OS is both pre-installed and a boxed copy of the OS is also provided.]