Psystar DOA: Court Rejects Appeal in Apple Copyright Case

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Psystar’s long running legal battle with Apple over Mac clones seems to have finally come to an end now that the U.S. Supreme Court shot down the defunct PC maker’s appeal attempt in appealing a ruling blocking it from selling PCs with OS X installed, according to CNET.

The Supreme Court denied Pystar’s request for a review of a ruling that said the company violated Apple copyrights by building and selling Mac clones without authorization. That ruling was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals, but has now run into a dead end since the Supreme Court won’t hear the case.

Psystar: DeniedPsystar: Denied

Apple slapped Psystar with a lawsuit in July 2008 over claims the company was violating Apple copyrights and end user license agreement, and eventually added a DMCA complaint on top of those. Psystar countered with an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, but that was eventually rejected by the court.

Psystar moved through two law firms during the course of its legal headaches before settling on K.A.D. Camera of Camera & Sibley. In the end Psystar filed bankruptcy, and Apple was awarded a total victory in court, complete with an injunction blocking the company from selling Mac clones, Mac OS X in any form, and installing Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

Psystar’s attorneys appealed even though the company didn’t have any money to pay, but were met with disappointment when the Appeals Court upheld the ruling.

With the Supreme Court’s decision to not review the case, Psystar is effectively dead in the water. Considering the company has been essentially dead for several years, it’s very likely this will be the last we hear from the Psystar team.

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I still don’t see why they think they should be able to profit from someone else’s work (Apple’s) against that person’s wishes.  What kind of person thinks it’s worthwhile to sue all the way up to the Supreme Court on something like this?  Just go use Linux if you want free (as in freedom, and in this case, as in free ride too).

Anyway, goodbye and good riddance.  I’ll only want something like Pystar to exist if Apple ceases to exist (to allow me to still use Mac software), but hopefully that will not happen in my life time.

Lee Dronick

I still don?t see why they think they should be able to profit from someone else?s work

“Bell, book, and candle shall not drive me back when gold and silver becks me to come on.”

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