Psystar Officially Files Notice of Appeal in Apple Lawsuit

Apple vs. PsystarPsystar has officially filed its Notice of Appeal in the copyright suit it lost against Apple Inc., according to a court document obtained by The Mac Observer. The step was a formality in the appeals process, but until it was filed, it was unclear if the company would actually mount an appeal.

The appeal involves a copyright infringement suit Apple brought against Psystar to stop the Florida company from selling generic Psystar PCs installed with Mac OS X. Apple claimed that Psystar had to violate Apple's copyrights on Mac OS X in order to trick Mac OS X into thinking the PCs were Apple-built Macs, a claim with which Judge William Alsup eventually agreed.

Judge Alsup issued a permanent injunction against Psystar that prevents the company from selling PCs installed with Mac OS X, software that allows people to circumvent Apple's control mechanisms in Mac OS X, or even assisting someone in circumventing those controls.

Psystar had vowed to appeal the ruling, and has taken its appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals process is likely to take several months, and begins (more or less) with Psystar requesting that a three member panel of judges from the Ninth Circuit hear the case.