Quick Snap Yanked from App Store

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Quick Snap, the iPhone app that appeared on the App Store earlier this month with the ability to use the smartphone’s volume buttons to take photos was pulled from the online store on Thursday. Using the iPhone’s hardware buttons for alternate functions — in this case, taking photos — violates policies developers must agree to, and is likely why Quick Snap is missing in action.

Quick Snap vanishes from the App Store

When the app was available on the App Store, the developer’s description stated “Turn iPhone Volume Button into a Shutter Button? ‘Quick Snap’ is the app for THAT!”

Quick Snap isn’t the first camera app to use the volume buttons to take a photo. Camera+ tried the same thing earlier this year, and met a similar fate. Camrea+ is, however, available again but without the volume-button-as-camera-shutter feature.

There isn’t any word yet from Quick Snap’s developer, Yu Jin, on exactly why his app isn’t available on the App Store.


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Maybe it was removed for the slutty Santa suit?


It didn’t work well anyway.  How do I get my money back?

Casper Schougaard

Here’s an idea… why doesn’t Apply include a redundant App button somewhere on the phone hardware. It has no iPhone functionality but Apps can call it to do whatever the app wants it to do. That way people will always know that button is the ‘App’ button. Maybe I should patent that?

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