Rapture Arrives on Oct. 7 When BioShock Ships for Mac

Feral Interactive's Mac version of BioShock ships on Oct. 7, the publisher said this week. The game takes place in Rapture, a city deep below the sea where one man tried to create a utopia and another tried to tear it apart in a civil war.


A genetically-modified bad guy known as a splicer

Players assume the role of a character who survives a plane crash at the beginning of the game and has no choice but to descend into the ruined city, where the victims of genetic engineering gone wrong wait for him. They collect and modify weapons as they explore the city, eventually gaining their own genetic modifications that let them unleash fire blasts, bursts of ice, and more. If they want to continue to enhance their abilities, they must collect more genetic material from the Little Sisters who roam the city under the protection of their powerful Big Daddy companions.

A Big Daddy and a Little Sister

Along the way, players slowly begin to learn what happened to Rapture and even discover why they were on that fateful flight and what the phrase "Would you kindly" means. Pricing is US$49.95 and BioShock requires Mac OS X version 10.5.8, a 1.8GHz Intel Mac, 1.5GB RAM, 128MB video RAM, and 8GB hard drive space.