Remember The Flying Toaster? It's Back!: After Dark For OS X

T here was a time when you could walk through any office, corporate cube farm, or home with a computer and you were bound to see the famous Flying Toaster flapping across unoccupied monitors. Since then, screen savers have become far more sophisticated and, with the exception of SETI@HOME-like CPU siphons, useless since new monitors donit suffer the same burn-in fate that old monochrome monitors did. Screen savers have become entertainment, an electronic sideshow that offer a few seconds of coolness at the least, or demand your attention for minutes at a time at the most.

Those longing for the old iWings-n-Chromei will be happy to learn that Infinisys has released an OS X version of After Dark. The new version has many of your old favorites, including the toaster, and some new stuff that requires OpenGL.

This from Infinisys:

On July 22nd Infinisys, Ltd. announced that it had begun online sales of the famous Macintosh , After Dark. The new version, named "After Dark X" works only with OS X, and consists of eight modules, including a brand new Flying Toaster module, "Space Toaster X". Among the modules are new improved versions of old After Dark favorites such as Starry Night, Warp, Messages and Line Art.

No More Conflicts

After Dark X uses the built-in OS X screen saver engine, so the conflicts and incompatibilities that occurred with previous versions are a thing of the past. You donit have to worry about your screen saver crashing your system anymore.

The Power of Open GL

The eight After Dark X modules make full use of the power of Open GL to provide fascinating screen saver displays on your screen. Most of the modules use Open GLis 3D environment to give a variety of angles and views for each graphic display.

The Flying Toaster module in particular will provide hours of enjoyment, with the toasters going through more than 55 different routines against the backdrop of the space.

You can pick up After Dark for OS X for US$20 at Infinisys online store.