Reminders: Printing Out Your Lists

You’d think I wouldn’t have to write an article about how to print from any Apple program, wouldn’t you? Well, here I am to destroy your hopes and dreams about how everything’s easy with the Mac. And this’ll illustrate why:

Note how Reminders’ “File” menu has no option to print? Unfortunately, there’s not a built-in way to do so, which seems like a weird omission on Apple’s part. If you look closely at the menu above, you might wonder whether you could use the “Export” command to, say, create a printable PDF with your reminders. Alas, the only choice you get when you export from that menu is an ICS file, which won’t help you with the printing issue.

So here’s what I think is the easiest way to print your reminders. Find the list you’d like to print, and click within it to highlight one of the items—it’ll turn slightly grey. (Be careful to click away from the item’s text when you do this, or Reminders’ll think you want to edit what you’ve typed.)

After that, press Command-A (Edit> Select All) to grab everything in the list.

Press Command-C (Edit> Copy) to copy all of those reminders to your clipboard, then visit your favorite document-creation program, such as TextEdit or Pages, and press Command-V (Edit> Paste) to drop them into a file.

Afterward, print your reminders as usual from whatever program you’ve put them in, and that’s all there is to it! 

I find it pretty odd that we have to jump through these hoops, and for what it’s worth, this oversight doesn’t seem to be fixed so far in the beta version of Yosemite. If printing out reminder lists is important to you, though, feel free to send Apple feedback on the topic, and maybe they’ll address the problem.