Report Claims Rumored 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Delayed Until 2015

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Rumor says unannounced 5.5-inch iPhone delayed until 2015Apple may or may not be planning on shipping an iPhone model with a 5.5-inch display, but that isn't stopping insider sources from saying it's delayed and won't ship until some time in 2015. Sources claim the rumored device is real, and that production issues will keep Apple from releasing it until next year.

The hold up in getting the 5.5-inch iPhone to market is that Apple can't get batteries thin enough to fit inside the smartphone's redesigned case. News of the reported issue comes courtesy of the Commercial Times out of Taiwan speaking with unnamed sources who claim to have insider information.

Apple hasn't said anything about its future iPhone design plans, although it is likely the company will be releasing a bigger screen model at some point. Going with a 5.5-inch display would make for a pretty big iPhone, and rumors that the bigger model will sport a 4.7-inch screen seem much more plausible.

Going with a 4.7 inch display would let current Retina screen apps scale up gracefully, and would add an extra icon row to the device's home screen. Developers would have to account for the new screen size in their app designs, but most likely wouldn't face the problem Android developers deal with where screen sizes don't scale well from device to device.

What seems more likely is that the perceived delay in the 5.5-inch iPhone is supply chain sources misinterpreting prototype testing as a soon to be shipping product.

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Apple is undoubtedly testing multiple iPhone screen sizes, but calling a rumored 5.5-inch model delayed isn't accurate. Apple hasn't announced the device, or promised a shipping date. What's more likely is that people with limited access to parts of the company's supply chain are misinterpreting what little they know about Apple's test products.

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If a bigger screen meant I could actually read, without reaching for the reading glasses, then I’d be tempted to go for a bigger screen.

Otherwise, I wish, I wish, Apple would devise a way to make stuff generally bigger. Less (and therefore larger) App icons per page maybe ?

But more importantly, encourage developers to perhaps offer ways to increase the size of text in an App, even if it means simplifying the UI a bit.

I did mess around with some of the assistive stuff in Settings, but never did manage to get a setup I liked.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Developers would have to account for the new screen size in their app designs, but most likely wouldn’t face the problem Android developers deal with where screen sizes don’t scale well from device to device.

What “problem” is that? It is absolutely no different from what desktop developers have done to support resizable windows for like, I don’t know, 25+ years now. Additionally, web developers making mobile sites or mobile web applications have to deal with different sizes anyway because browsers are not consistent with available screen area.

But Jeff, the real issue here is that iOS developers will have to deal with what you guys used to mock as “fragmentation”. And guess what? It’s never been a big deal and it won’t be for iOS developers.


Lol. Adorable.

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