Report: Apple to Host Secret iOS Developer Summit

Apple will be hosting a secret iOS developer summit next week, according to a report from Dan Frommer at BusinessInsider. The report said that an (unnamed) industry source spilled the beans on the meeting, which will run for three days, and will present a small number of developers with some face time with Apple engineers ahead of the release of iOS 4.2 in November.

Mr. Frommer stipulated that it’s not known who’s invited, or even how many developers or publishers might be invited. It’s also not known what kind of sessions will be offered to those in attendance.

Some intelligent speculation would suggest, however, that Apple could use such an event to offer top developers a hands on opportunity to ready new apps for iOS 4.2, or to make it easier for newspaper, book, or magazine publishers to bring their offerings to the App Store and/or iBooks.

iOS Summit