Report Claims New Apple TV OS Coming at WWDC

Unnamed sources claim Apple will introduce a new OS for the AppleTV at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The new operating system is said to include more features than the current AppleTV OS, and apparently will drive Apple’s rumored HD television, too.

According to Boy Genius Report’s sources, the OS will include support for controlling other home entertainment center devices assuming manufacturers start using a special API from Apple. The API will let the operating system, and apparently will let Apple’s Remote app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch control third-party devices, as well.

Apple may have a new OS for AppleTV coming soonApple may have a new OS for AppleTV coming soon

Assuming the reports are correct, AppleTV and Apple television users will be able to control all of their entertainment center devices from a single app, manage viewing guides, and more.

Apple CEO Tim Cook did hint during his D10 Conference interview Tuesday evening that there is more in store for the AppleTV, and didn’t deny the company is working on its own television — although he didn’t confirm the reports, either.

There hasn’t been any confirmation that the BGR report is accurate, so for now we’ll have to wait until June 11 to see what new products Apple announces at its WWDC keynote presentation in San Francisco.