Report Claims Smaller Dock Connector for Next iPhone

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Rumors say the 30-pin iPhone dock connector is outRumors have been circulating that Apple is abandoning the familiar 30-pin dock connector on the next iPhone in favor of a smaller interface, and now Reuters says its sources are backing that up. New the dock connector will apparently include only 19 pins, which will free up space on the iPhone’s edge, but will also leave current iPhone owners that upgrade with handfulls of accessories that aren’t compatible.

According to the Reuters sources, Apple plans to use that extra space to move the headphone jack from the top of the iPhone to the bottom, just like the iPod touch. Assuming the reports are correct, upgrading iPhone owners won’t be able to use their current cases, either.

Rumors also claim the next iPhone model will include a larger screen, LTE wireless network support, and a faster processor. Apple hasn’t commented on its plans for the next iPhone update.

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Lee Dronick

Oy! I already have some FireWire to USB dongles.


Maybe that will give me a good excuse to upgrade the FM transmitter I use in my car.  Though there’s probably not any that work all that well anyway.

They might do the same thing they did with MagSafe -> MagSafe2 converter anyway, but I imagine some docking stations (speakers, chargers, FM transmitters) won’t fit right with an adapter.

Lee Dronick

I am not going to buy another FM transmitter. They work well enough when I can find an unused frequency. However, here in San Diego with Tijuana, Los Angles, and Orange County nearby there is hardly an unused frequency.

For my pickup truck I will probably have a stereo shop put in a jack or a new stereo. My wife will probably get a new car early next year, and many of them have 30 pin docks.


I seem to have a large collection of Firewire cables.

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