Report: iPod Touch App Downloads Top iPhone for First Time, Up 1000% Xmas Day

App Store downloads for iPod touch devices eclipsed those for iPhones for the first time on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2009. Analytics firm Flurry released data Monday showing that apps downloaded for iPod touch grew 1000% Christmas Day compared to an average of the previous Fridays in December.

The firm attributed the growth in part to a large number of pre-teens and teens, two demographic groups that download more apps than older iPhone users. iTunes gift cards given as Christmas gifts might also have contributed to the increase.

In the chart below, Flurry shows App Store downloads for iPhone and iPod touch devices over the course of November and December, through December 26th. The sharp spike on Christmas Day shows iPod touch app downloads leaping over iPhone downloads by 172%. The next day, those app download fell, but still left the iPod touch 104% above iPhone downloads.

Flurry Graph

Overall in December, which isn't technically over yet, total App Store downloads increased some 51% over November. In comparison, Android downloads increased some 22%. Motorola's popular Droid model was responsible for more than 48% of all Android downloads in December, and downloads for that model increased 93% compared to other Fridays in the month.