Report: Microsoft Hiring Apple Retail Managers & Employees

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Microsoft has begun hiring Apple-trained retail managers and employees for its own soon-to-open fleet of Microsoft stores, according to a report from The Loop. Citing sources who spoke with him, the site said Microsoft is offering "significant raises" to these prospective employees, and in some cases, moving expenses.

These sources said that those managers who were hired away were tasked with poaching top retail staff, again with the offer of raises over what Apple is paying. Together, this team of former Apple employees will have the great honor of peddling Windows and possibly managing the Guru Bar.

In some cases, they may get to do this next door to or near their former employers -- in a word, that should be fun.

Microsoft allowed the news of its answer to the Apple Store juggernaut to leak earlier this year. Apple has used its stores to help significantly increase its market share in the computer market, and to help launch waves of iPod updates and the now-exceedingly successful iPhone.

For its part, Microsoft appears to feel that the best way to counter this new threat from Apple is to emulate the model that Apple has made work so well. What better way to do that, then, than by hiring as much of the team that mans Apple's stores as it can.

We should also add that such poaching is common practice in the world of high-dollar, corporate retail, though the practice doesn't often seem quite so ironic.

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Lee Dronick

“the great honor of peddling Windows”

Right up there with being a great scientist or educator.


There just aren’t words for Microsoft anymore. I really hope Linux sneaks in the back door while they’re so fixated on Apple and kicks their ass. In light of their new product line and strategy they’ve once again stolen from Apple, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they were backing Psystar too.


They need to hire an extra helping of “Guru Bar” specialists, not managers. And also organize crowd control for those waiting to get to the Guru Bar with XP/Vista/Win7 problems. That line will stretch down the mall and back again.

Tim Alexander

Yeah, that could back fire on them - that will be funny!  I can’t wait!  400 people in line a day with windows issues - boy, that will really be good for business!  LOL!


More like 400,000 people in line! I wouldn’t take a Guru job at any price unless I’m in a bomb shelter for all the angry Windows users. There won’t be room in the store for anything else because the Guru bar will be mobbed.


Once again Microsoft shows it’s complete inability to focus on what IT’S doing, for the FUD of what OTHERS are doing.  They created a market presence with Office… why don’t they focus on fixing that… and, of course, their other well known piece of (software) pile.


I guess only Mac experts are smart enough to fully use Windows products?  What about all the untold thousands who spent money getting MS certification?

Lee Dronick

I guess only Mac experts are smart enough to fully use Windows products?? What about all the untold thousands who spent money getting MS certification?

In addition to being MicroSoft certified, a guru bartender should have people skills smile

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