Report: Toys “R” Us to Sell iPad 2

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Apple will be adding Toys “R” Us as an iPad 2 retailer starting in May, according to an exclusive report from The site was tipped off by a Toys “R” Us employee who supplied training materials for the iPad 2 branded under the toy retailing giant.


The training materials include a fact sheet and a page from an employee test about the device. The fact sheet also lists Apple’s Smart Cover, the iPad Camera Connection Kit, and VGA Connector as accessories that will be available at the toy store.

Since the introduction of the iPod, and then the iPhone, Apple has greatly expanded the number of third party retail outlets for its digital media devices. Adding a chain like Toys “R” Us, however, suggests confidence at Apple that the device can be sold outside the umbrella of an electronics outlet.

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If this is true, it’s a smart move by Apple. Kids love the iPad, and parents take their kids to Toys R Us. It opens the iPad to a younger demographic, and by extension, to the parents of said demographic (and their dollars).

John Martellaro

Think of the pressure on parents! “Hey, dad. Forget the Legos.  I want an iPad.  Pleeeezze!”

No parent who wants the daughter or son to have the learning opportunity can pass on that plea.


I think you mean Toys R Us will be selling this in the same, ethereal sense that Best Buy is selling it.  That is to say, Toys R Us will soon be reporting it’s out of stock.


How appropriate… since the iPad is a toy.


How appropriate? since the iPad is a toy.

I was wondering when someone would make that stupid comment. I was not disappointed.

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