Retina Display iPad 3 Due Next Spring

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Apple is apparently on track to introduce the iPad 3 early in 2012, and the updated multimedia tablet will sport a substantially higher resolution display compared to the iPad and iPad 2. The Retina Display iPad will include a 2048 x 1536 resolution instead of the 1024 x 768 resolution used on current models.

Retina Display iPad 3 next year, says WSJRetina Display iPad 3 next year says WSJ

The Wall Street Journal cited anonymous sources “familiar with the situation” as saying Apple already has parts on order for the next generation iPad. Those sources also say Apple will stick with the current iPad’s 9.7-inch screen size.

Production of the iPad 3 is expected to ramp up before the end of the year in preparation for its 2012 launch.

Apple launched the original iPad in early 2010 and iPad 2 in early 2011, but rumors began circulating that the iPad 3 would roll out before the end of 2011 based on speculation from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. If Apple were to release the iPad 3 this fall, there would be only months between the two tablet rollouts.

The WSJ report claiming the iPad 3 won’t hit store shelves until 2012 seems more plausible since it fits with the release cycle has followed for both iPad models that are already in customer’s hands.

Apple hasn’t commented on the iPad 3 launch window, or any of the tablet’s rumored features.

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Will retina display be standard, or will this be a high end option? If it’s standard, will that mean a higher price?

Lee Dronick

With better, higher resolution, cameras I would hope. Not that it is easy to use as a handheld camera, but currently its resolution is a bit less than I would like.


I’m wondering how they solve the battery life issue, since from what I understood they avoided the higher resolution because it means more power going into the GPU to drive the screen.  Are there any new GPU chips that have come out this year that would allow this to work? Apple could of course make improvements in it’s own CPU chips, but that’s not where the major power sucker is in terms of doubling the screen resolution.

Some quick Googl’ing got me the following article, but it doesn’t address the power consumption issue: Imagination Announces Generation PowerVR GPU Possibly Bound 2012 iPad

S Ray

Do we really need Retina Display on iPad 3 display?  I thought iPad 2 display resolution was good enough for nearly anything you could possibly do with the tablet.

What is the real advantage of having more pixels (at the cost of battery life?) ..

iPad 3 should focus on more new functionality, more useful apps etc. rather than chasing more pixels on its display.

S Ray


@s Ray: Well, you could say that about the iPhone as well, but the retina display on the iphone4 is so much nicer to work with. Specifically, on the iPad, viewing websites will be a much better experience, with more detail. And yes, I would give up a bit of battery life to have that. Since battery-technology is developing as well, I doubt, however, that it will be significant. A high res screen is absolute top of my wish list for the iPad 3…

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