Retina MacBook Pro Earns EPEAT Gold Ranking

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All of Apple’s laptop models are listed on the EPEAT website following the computer maker’s pullout and return to the environmental certification program - -including the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. All of the MacBook Pro models earned EPEAT’s gold rating with across the board scores of 21.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display gets EPEAT gold rating. Really.EPEAT measures and ranks the recyclability of computers, and the group’s certifications are requirements for come company and government agency purchase programs.

Apple’s withdrawal of all of its computers from the EPEAT program over a week ago led to speculation that the MacBook Pro with Retina Display didn’t earn a gold ranking thanks to its glued in batteries and non-serviceable display. Apple said at the time that its “design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements.”

The company raised eyebrows a few days later when Bob Mansfield, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, said that dropping EPEAT participation was a mistake and that it was resubmitting its Mac lineup.

Assuming the Retina Display laptop didn’t meet the requirements for a gold certification before, it seems likely that EPEAT changed its standards for the rating to accomodate the new MacBook Pro model. Whether or not that change was a concession to Apple or a revision to help modernize the certification requirements, however, isn’t clear.

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did they actually earn it ?  or is this just the self certification with EPEAT—- with their actual review of Apple’s new products coming later?  I find it hard to believe that EPEAT analyzed these new models since Friday.


EPEAT’s ratings are based on self-certification: Apple has merely stated that they comply with the EPEAT guidelines on recycling and disposal.

There’s a full teardown over on, which states that the battery has been glued to the case - making it difficult to remove, a contravention of EPEAT guidelines - and that the battery leaked “goo” when they tried to pry it free.

iFixit also gave the Retina MBP their lowest ever repairability rating…


It’s obviously Apple’s fault if iFixit doesn’t know how to remove this battery. Apple will replace these batteries for a fixed price of $199 if they lose capacity after 1000 charges, so I’ll assume that Apple knows how to remove them.


Or is it possible that when Apple replaces the battery, they replace the case that they’re glued to as well?

Still, Apple’s whole about-face stance seems a little fishy….



we have to call bullsh… on this article.  come on man….

I’m going to self certify that I am member of mensa and try to get some jobs and social status based on that.  In a few weeks I’ll let you know how that goes.

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