RIM Building its Own iPad-like Tablet

Anonymous insider sources claim BlackBerry maker RIM is working on its own tablet device designed to compete with Apple’s popular iPad. The new tablet computer, possibly called the BlackPad, is supposed be available in November, and will share some similarities with Apple’s multimedia tablet, according to Bloomberg.

Like the iPad, RIM’s BlackPad will apparently include a 9.7-inch display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will sport a size and shape similar to the iPad, and will even fall in the same price range as the iPad. The BlackPad will also be able to tether to a BlackBerry smartphone for 3G wireless data access, will support BlackBerry email servers, and will include front and back-facing digital video cameras.

RIM isn’t saying whether or not it really is working on a tablet computer, so it’s unclear if the company will be targeting personal or business users with the device.

Considering the iPad’s popularity, competing head-on will be something of a chore for RIM. Releasing a tablet device sooner instead of later, however, will make that chore a little less daunting.