RPG KrabbitWorld Origins Offers 'Psychedelic Gothic Romp'

KrabbitSoft has announced the release of KrabbitWorld Origins, a role-playing game that it describes as a "psychedelic gothic romp." Players take on the role of a Krabbit, a rabbit-like humanoid with enhanced running and jumping abilities. The character's look can be customized, and players choose one of six powers that define a unique ability.

The storyline involves protecting KrabbitWorld from the Necrotechs, who endanger the Celestial Shard and threaten to bring Chaos back to the land. Combat is of the hack-and-slash variety, with combos available that deal ever-increasing amounts of damage. Characters can advance to level 99, while their unique powers can increase to level 999, and they can bring along one of four henchmen to help with quests.

KrabbitWorld has both single- and multi-player functionality. Pricing is US$14.95 and Mac OS X version 10.4, an Intel or G5 processor, 1GB RAM, 1GB hard drive space, and 128MB Video RAM are required.