Rumor: Apple Working on Mac Home Server

Apple is working on a new Mac-based home server solution that ties into MobileMe and iTunes and combines the functions of Time Capsule and a media server, according to a rumor published today by There are no specific predictions of an appearance at Macworld of such a device, but the site said it first heard of such a product in August of this year.

Details provided by include a tie into MobileMe that handles much of your personal file sharing and server needs, but through a URL that would make your account accessible anywhere. The device would also serve all iTunes media, and be able to specifically serve media out to your iPods and iPhones.

Lastly, it would incorporate current Time Capsule features such as Time Machine backups and wireless routing.

As with all rumors, The Mac Observer's advice is that a new Mac, iPod, or even Time Capsule on your desk is worth two on a rumor site.