Rumors Hint at Super-thin 15-inch MacBook Pro

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Apple is apparently working on a radical redesign for its 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro that will make the laptops much more MacBook Air-like. Word of the ultra-thin MacBook Pro redesign comes courtesy of anonymous sources that also say the new models could be released in time for the end of year holiday buying season.

Super-thin MacBook Pro coming soon? MaybeMac Rumors reports its sources said the new 15-inch design is nearing the end of its internal test phase. TUAW’s sources added that both 15-inch and 17-inch models are in the works, and that they should be available before Christmas.

Additional details, like whether or not the laptops will lose their SuperDrive optical drives, or offer SSD drives instead traditional hard drives, weren’t revealed. It isn’t, however, difficult to guess where Apple is headed with its pro-level laptops based on its current offerings.

The current MacBook Air offers some hints as to what we’ll likely see in future MacBook Pro models thanks to its solid state storage and tapered body design. Both the MacBook Air and the Mac mini ship without an internal optical drive option, so it seems plausible that Apple will eventually drop the SuperDrive from the MacBook Pro, too.

Apple isn’t talking about its future MacBook Pro plans, so for now reports that a MacBook Air-style redesign is on the way should be treated as rumors.


Lee Dronick

Would they call them MacBook Pros? I am thinking they could start a new line even if they are essentially MacBook Airs.

Rafael Verduzco

As much as I would love to see a 15-inch Air-like MacBook Pro offered for the holiday season, my guess is that the revolutionary announcements from Apple are mostly done for this year (at least when it comes to MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs). Maybe a quiet update of the Mac Pro once Intel make available octocore Xeons, and a modest update in processor speed to MB Pros in September/October.
My guess is that Apple will complete its lineup for the holiday season with the public availability of iCloud, iOS 5 and (perhaps) an updated iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad 3, or HD, maybe? Although I doubt we’ll see iPad 3 until the next year.
But with Lion recently released, new Mac Minis and MacBook Airs, Thunderbolt Display and Sandy Bridge quad-core MB Pro line, I guess the spot will be iDevices.
15-inch Air at the beginning of 2012? More likely =)

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