Rupert Murdoch: ‘All Media is Going Into the iPad’

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Speaking recently in an interview on Fox Business Channel, News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch had this to say about the latest product to come out of Cupertino: “All media is going to go into the iPad, whether it’s music, or books, or newspapers, or movies, you’ll be able to get on your iPad. It will be pretty small to start with.”

However, it was clear that he was speaking of the iPad as the first in a new class of devices: “But there will be more iPads: there is competition coming from people (sic) like Samsung and LG. Hewlett-Packard will have one in a few months. They will all be coming out with readers, not like Kindle, but in color, and they will get better and better. If you see a newspaper photograph – not at the moment, but in time it will happen – you’ll be able to touch it and it will become a video. These sort of things will happen, not this year perhaps.”

Asked about traditional newspaper advertising, which has experienced a steep decline as readers turn to the Internet, Mr. Murdoch responded: “I don’t think the advertising model for newspapers is dead. Our Wall Street Journal advertising is up this year. [Newspapers] were all down last year. We have started to recover quite strongly. Brands are where the money is at. You can’t promote a brand on the Internet through search.”



There is a joke in that headline.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Murdoch is even confused about what he fears! He doesn’t fear search, he fears linking in general, and deep linking in particular. Search as an Internet application is just one way of organizing the deep links. So are web sites like TMO, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. With his TV empire, about the only links he has to worry about are programming listings, which are not particularly deep. The YouTube/Hulu aspects are kind of a tangential story.

This really gets to the point of why I just dislike the iPad, and why I hope that other manufacturers won’t go down the same road. It’s not just that Apple inserts itself as mandatory middleman between developers and users. It’s that they have to do that to deliver on an implied promise to Murdoch and his friends to “save” publishing. If they make the device secure enough so that users have to enter the WSJ through the front door every time, Murdoch can monetize that and not have to worry at all about deep links into his content.

I know. 99% of consumers want that. It’s just a small percentage of us that want to hold our own discussions outside the bounds of walled communities. Blah blah blah.


99% of consumers want that. It?s just a small percentage of us that want to hold our own discussions outside the bounds of walled communities. Blah blah blah.

I must have missed the part where having an iPad means Apple controls all content. I always thought that the internet was open to all. Of course, content on the internet belongs to the poster. I’m grateful that you allow your content to be accessed by all. The WSJ, among others, takes a slightly different approach: their content can be accessed by all who pay for it.

Idealism created the internet.

Capitalism made it interesting.

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