Russia May Get iPhone 5 in November

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Apple’s iPhone 5, which hasn’t been announced or confirmed yet, may be available in Russia some time in November, according to the RBC Daily. The publication claimed unnamed mobile phone retailers spilled the beans on Apple’s launch plans for the next version of its combination iPod and smartphone.

iPhone 5 in Russia? Soon, rumors say!Apple didn’t follow its usual iPhone release cycle this year by skipping the late June early July window. Rumors have been claiming the next iPhone model will hit store shelves in September, and a more recent rumor claims October.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that China would start selling the iPhone 5 in late October, with a stripped down version of the iPhone 4 at a lower price.

Assuming the various rumors are correct, releasing the new iPhone model in Russia and China so close to the alleged U.S. launch could help cut down on gray market sales, which has historically been a problem when new iOS devices ship.

Apple hasn’t said yet when new iPhone models will ship, or what features they will include.

[Thanks to Bloomberg for the heads up.]

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Lee Dronick
Assuming the various rumors are correctreleasing the new iPhone model in Russia and China so close to the alleged U.Slaunch could help cut down on gray market saleswhich has historically been a problem when new iOS devices ship

That is a very good point.


Might this also suggest Apple will have supplies enough to meet the demand?

The more I hear about this puppy, the more I am beginning to believe that iPhone 5 may be the Super Phone that takes the mobile through the stratosphere and beyond the reach of anything other. (did I just hear a drum roll?)

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