Safari: Printing Nicely Formatted Articles with Reader

If you do a lot of Web browsing, Safari's Reader feature is pretty much the best thing since ever. And if you've gotta print out an article, it's even better than that. Especially what with printer ink costing more than I could sell my first-born child for, and all.

So take a look at how cool it is. Here's how this random article will print:

See how ugly that is? The header of the page is all up in there, along with a couple of ads and even a video thumbnail. That's just a big ol' waste of printer resources. But if instead I hit the Reader button on Safari's toolbar first…

…and then hover near the bottom of the window to make the controls pop up…

…I can then print a much nicer version of the article, with only associated images (and no ads!).

Why, that's just nifty. Of course, this won't work if the page isn't Reader-supported, but pretty much anything Safari sees as an article can be viewed and printed in this way.