Safari 5: Reopen Closed Tabs

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Safari 5 includes several new features, but one of the most welcome is the ability to reopen a browser tab you accidentally closed.

Safari 5 lets you reopen closed tabs.

To reopen the most recently closed tab, just use the Command-Z keyboard shortcut, or choose Edit > Undo Close Tab. While this trick can be a real life saver, it isn’t without limits because you can reopen only the last tab you closed.

You can check out more of Safari 5’s new features in TMO’s report on what’s new in Apple’s latest Web browser update.

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Sorry to burst your editorial bubble, but this is NOT a new feature; I’ve been regularly using this since v4 came out.  Such is the problem with “undocumented features”, I guess!


Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but the feature in V4 reopens the last closed WINDOW, not TAB.


Hey, @MyRightEye, Mac software has long had context-sensitive menus and I have twice closed this page’s tab, then seen Splat-Z as Undo Close Tab as the first item in the Edit menu.

Didn’t work that way for closing a whole window, however. The first item showed me the previous action (typing) as what it’d undo; I had to go to my HIstory tab to reopen the last closed window.

So the tip works for me as advertised. And it’s a good one, as I’m rash.


Hey Walt, try reading the comments in order so you get some context ok! :D

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Another great feature of Safari 5 is that it totally makes Hulu unusable full screen.


@MyRightEye—no, it works with tabs, too.  It may work with separate windows, but I just tested it in v4, and it re-opened a recently closed tab.

I don’t know what you’ve got set differently in your version of Safari than I’ve got in mine, but it works just fine for me.


Meh, still far from the “Reopen closed tabs” feature in Firefox. This is one of the most important reasons why I can’t switch to Safari yet, there are WAY so many times when I close some tabs then want to come back to them later. At least increase the history list to like 3 or 5 last tabs, can’t understand why it’s so hard for Apple to do it.



Did you even bother to try, or did you come here just to write unfounded criticisms?

I just tried it, and un-closed 5 tabs.  *boom*

And IMHO, if I’ve closed that many tabs, it’s time to take a look at my history in coverflow to ensure I’m re-opening the right page.  You know, coverflow?  Something FF doesn’t have?


Did YOU actually try it? I closed 2 tabs, hit Undo once, then it becomes disabled. I’m using Safari 5.0 (6533.16) on a Mac (10.6.4).

Also, the fact that all it does is to reload the “last closed URL” makes it far from the completed feature as in Firefox (where it restores EVERYTHING including text you input, scroll position, check box, etc… - very important especially for dynamic webpages).


*sigh*  Yes, Jade, I use it frequently—often multiple times a day, and have been for a couple years.  I just closed multiple tabs, and both the Cmd-Z and Edit-Undo worked as expected.  And yes, I am using the exact same version of Safari and OS X that you’re now using.

Ergo, I suggest something on your system must be broken.  Do you have any hacks loaded that might be preventing your Safari from performing as it should?  Try logging in as a different user to see if the problem is with just your account or is the same across your entire computer.

And you’re right, it does not reload the exact state of the tabs it re-opens.  There are benefits to both methods.


Nope, don’t think anything on my Mac is broken. Actually, seeing how you seem oh so savvy about this whole Safari stuffs, and seeing how you claimed using this feature for “a couple of years” (whereas Apple has just added this in Safari 5), the odd is high that it’s you who’d installed some sorts of plugins (Glims?) which allow you to do unlimited Undo.

Btw just read the article again, seems like the author agreed with me “While this trick can be a real life saver, it isn?t without limits because you can reopen only the last tab you closed”. Next time double check your information before writing unfound criticism against other people.


Ah, now we’re talking!  You are absolutely correct, it was my installation of Glims that was giving me the undo functionality!  I’d forgotten that was one of the features the tool adds (it adds so many, and the undo-close function was not the reason I added it.) (

I stand corrected.

But I still stand by my statement regarding coverflow-style history as being a superior solution when you want to re-open any more than the previous 1 or 2 tabs.

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