Safari: Mailing Page Links (the Easy Way)

Copying and pasting a Safari webpage URL into an e-mail is one way to pass along interesting sites to your pals, but it’s slow. In this tip, I’m going to show you some ways to make the process more convenient. I’ve done the calculations, and using one of these methods will save you approximately three hours per year.* That’s a significant amount of time you’ll get back, so it’s completely worth it to learn these steps!

The first way you can make this easier is by going to the page you want to send and then hitting Shift-Command-I. This is the keyboard shortcut for File > Mail Link to This Page.

When you hit that shortcut, Safari will send the info to Mail, which’ll open a new message and put the link right in, ready for you to send along.

Mail will even be so kind as to put the page’s title in the subject line. Couldn’t be simpler, right?

Another option for e-mailing a link is to use Command-I, which is the shortcut for File > Mail Contents of This Page. This’ll plop the entire page into an e-mail, including images and links.

The whole shebang.

This next method is definitely my favorite. If you pick up and drag the small icon that appears next to the site’s address in the URL bar…

…you can drop it onto the Mail icon in your Dock to start a new message with the link inside it.

Note that this method does not put anything into the subject line of your e-mail, so it’ll save you the trouble of deleting that if you never wanted it in the first place. Take that, Safari.

Finally, just because you all have been such good little boys and girls lately, here’s a bonus tip. If copying and pasting is really more your thing, you can use a contextual menu item to pull nicely formatted links into Mail without even having to navigate to your particular page. Just right- or Control-click on a link and choose Copy Link.

When you paste that into Mail, you’ll get a lovely link with the title instead of the big ol’ nasty URL showing. Awesomeness!



*Disclaimer: No calculations were actually done. All numbers were completely made up by the voices in my head.